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Rural Technology

Wire is used to carry the current from one place to another

Types of wire

1. According to insulation -

Old type
a) V. I. R. wires.
b) C. T. S. wires.
c) T.R.S. wires.
d) Lead cover wire.
New type
a) PVC wires.
b) PVC FR wires.
c) PVC F.R.L.S. wire. 2

. According to conducting material -

a) Copper conductor wires.
b) Aluminum conductor wires.

3. According to voltage grade -

a) Low Voltage grade wires.
b) Medium voltage grade wires.
c) High voltage grade wires.

4. According to uses-

a) Domestic wires.
b) Industrial wires.
c) Winding wires.
d) Heating wires.

1) According to insulation

(a) V.I.R. wires-(Vulcanized India Rubber) In this type of wire a tinned copper conductors or aluminum conductors are used. The conductors are covered by Vulcanized India Rubber. It is then covered with cotton tape and cotton braiding. Finally, it is dipped in bitumen compound. The copper conductor is tinned to provide protection against corrosion due to presence of traces of sulphur, zinc oxide and other mineral ingredients in the V.I.R. It is available in single cotton covered, double cotton. It is available in 1/18, 3/20, 3/22, 7/20, 7/22, 7/16, 19/22, 19/16 sizes. It is suitable for indoor conduct wiring, casing capping wiring and cleat wiring. This type of wire is available in single core only. It is suitable for low and medium voltage supply only. (b) C.T.S. wire-(Cabe Tyre Sheath wire) In this type of wires, a tinned copper conductors are used. These conductors are covered by red and black color rubber. It is then coated with a layer of hard rubber. It is available in sizes 1/18, 3/20, 7/22 etc. It does not absorb moisture. It is used in batten wiring service lines and short distance overhead lines. It is available in 250/440 voltage grade only. (c) T.R.S. wires-(Tough Rubber Sheath) V.I.R., C.T.S., T.R.S. wires are old types wires which are not used in market. (d) PVC wires In this type of wire, copper or aluminum conductors are used. Conductors are covered by polyvinyl chloride insulation. It is available in sizes 1mm2, 1.5mm2, 2.5mm2, 4mm2 etc. It is available in single core, twin core and three core. Now a days PVC wires are widely used. Its life is long. It can be used in PVC conducts PVC casing capping, overhead wiring etc. These are not sensitive to mild dose of water, heat, oil, acid, alkalis, sunrays, ultraviolet rays etc. It is available in 600, 660, 1100 Voltage grade. F.R. wires and F.R.L.S. wires are widely used, because current carrying capacity and voltage rating is more than old PVC wires. Uses of wires 1. Multistranded wires are used in domestic wiring. 2. Stranded wires are used in domestic and small industries wiring. 3. Solid wires are generally used in domestic wiring. Standard Wire Gauge The standard wire gauge (SWG) is an instrument used for determining the size of a conductor of the wire and cable. It is a thin circular plate of steel with a number of slots on its circumference. Each slot is marked with specific number denoting gauge. Holes are provided at the end of each slot for removing the wire easily.

InText Questions

  • 1) Fill in the blanks:
  • 1) The conductors which offer very low resistance are called .
  • 2) The conductors which offer medium resistance are called .
  • 2) Match the following:
  • 1) Good conductor a) Size of conductor
  • 2) PVC Wire b) Silver
  • 3) Non conductor c) Porcelain
  • 4) Standard Wire Gauge d) Polyvinyl Chloride
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Rural Technology