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Rural Technology

Work is the application of a force over a distance. When we lift an object from the ground and put it on the shelf, we do work. The force is the weight of the object and distance is the height of the shelf. Similarly, when we push an object and moves it, we do work. The distance taken for calculating work has to be in the direction of force applied.

Example: Ref fig.2.3(a), a weight of 50kg. is lifted to height of 5 meter. Calculate the work done. Work = force ´ distance through force is applied = (W kg ´ 9.8) ´ h (W = 50kg, h = 3m) = 50 ´ 9.8 ´ 3 = 1470 Nm

When we push an object and it moves through a distance L ref. Fig.2.3(b) the work done is calculated as follows:

Work = force ´ distance through which force is applied W = F ´ L (unit of force is N, distance is in meter) W = F (N) ´ L (m) = F ´ L (Nm)

When we do work, we use energy. Work and Energy are closely related. Work is measured in the same unit of energy.

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Rural Technology