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[[Office Productivity Tools]]
[[Office Productivity Tools|Office Productivity Tools]]

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Office Productivity Tools

The advantages of OpenOffice

How to get and install OpenOffice

Starting OpenOffice

Getting Started with OpenOffice Writer

Managing Documents

Working with text

OpenOffice Base (Database)


Computers are used to generate information. Generated information is not useful in itself. The information must be delivered to the right person at the right time. Often information must be transmitted from one location to another. This process is called data communication. Here, we will be concerned with the hardware, software and procedures used in data communication.

Communications, the transfer of information, is the basic of office automation. Advances in communication technology, combined with rapidly evolving computer technology, have made possible much of the progress in the field. Electronic communication consists of telecommunication and data communications. Telecommunication refers to the use of telephone, telegraph, and radio or television facility to transmit information, either directly or via computer. Data communication means the transfer of data or information between computers devices.


After going through this lesson, you would be able to:

  • learn the basic elements of data communication system.
  • describe communication protocols and data transmission modes.
  • explain the use of computer network.
  • describe different component of computer network
  • identify different types of network

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ICT Applications