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NIOS Silver Jubilee Year

Care and Maintenance of Home

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Rural Technology

You know that it is very important to keep your home clean.A housewife plays a very important role in doing so. But she has to work hard to do so. If will be easier if all the family members put in their little bit effort.


You must have observed your house being cleaned everyday, but the store is cleaned only weekly or may be monthly. The entire house is thoroughly cleaned only before Diwali or some other major festival or before a marriage. etc, So, we can say, cleaning is – daily, weekly, seasonal. Let us find out more about this.


• Sweeping and mopping of floors. • Dusting surfaces. • Cleaning carpets durries. • Making beds in the morning. • Tidying up the objects in every room.


• Thorough cleaning of baths, toilets and wash basins. • Removing cobwebs. • Cleaning shelves of kitchen. • Cleaning door handles and other fittings. • Polishing the wooden surfaces and other areas. • Cleaning mirrors and pictures.


• Airing mattresses, cushions, etc, in the sunlight. • Washing curtains. • Thoroughly cleaning each room by removing all furniture. • Cleaning the store room. • Cleaning the wood work and getting needed repairs done. INTEXT QUESTIONS 9.3 Tick mark (ü ) the most appropriate answer from the four choices given: (1) Daily cleaning includes: a) Cleaning before Diwali b) Sweeping and mopping of floors c) Cleaning door handles d) Cleaning the wood work (2) Weeking cleaning includes: a) Making beds b) Dusting c) Washing curtains d) Cleaning of toilets and wash basins (3) Seasonal cleaning includes: a) airing carpets b) tidying up every room c) sweeping and mopping d) removing cobwebs

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Rural Technology