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Cleaning Different Surfaces

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Rural Technology

As we have discussed earlier, cleaning the room also involves cleaning of various surfaces like walls, mirrors, pictures, bathroom tiles, toilet floors, plastic mugs and buckets and metal. In order to clean the surface there are a number of materials required, besides using soap-water and disinfectants. Let us see how various surfaces are cleaned: 1. Floor Soap, water, broom, a little bit of kerosene oil added to the water makes marble floor sparkle. 2. Ceramic tiles Soap, vim, water Kitchen and bathroom tiles 3. Plastic Luke warm soapy solution, scruber. Mug, bucket, chairs, taps Use vinegar to remove stains on plastic articles. 4. Glass/Mirrors Moist newspaper pad Window glass/mirrors 5. Metal taps Tamarind/lemon/drymango powder, Brass taps, aluminium/ hot soapy water steel taps INTEXT QUESTIONS 9.4 1. Name the things needed to clean the following:- (i) Floors (ii) Plastic mug (iii) Brass taps (iv) Mirror on dressing table 2. How will you make your marble floors sparkle and shiny but not slippery?

3. Name one thing you can use to keep the bucket in your bathroom stain free.

ACTIVITY Clean at least one article from all the five categories discussed above. Record the procedure followed by you in detail. At the end, ask your mother to evaluate your effort and give as follows – A - very good B - satisfactory C - unsatisfactory If you get a ‘C’ grade in any article, repeat the cleaning process till the object becomes clean.

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Rural Technology