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NIOS Silver Jubilee Year

Computation of Area

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Rural Technology

Computation of Area

One of the objectives of land surveying is to determine the area of the land surveyed.

  • • To measure area of the plot, first draw the map using plane table methods.
  • • Divide the entire figure into a number of triangles.
  • • Area of each triangle is calculated using mathematical formula.
  • • Areas of all such triangles are added to get the area of the field measured.
  • • The base and altitude of each triangle are scaled and its area is found by multiplying half the base by the altitude.

Advantages & Disadvanges of Plane Table survey

Advantages of Plane Table Survey:

  • 1) It is most suitable for preparing small scale maps.
  • 2) It is most rapid.
  • 3) No great skill is required to prepare a satisfactory map.

Disadvantages of Plane Table Survey:

  • 1) It is heavy to carry.
  • 2) It is not intended for accurate work.
  • InText Questions 1.2
  • 1) What is the formula for finding the area of triangle?
  • 2) Find out the area of triangle of side 3cm,3.2cm,6cm?( fig of the triangle)
  • State True /False:
  • 3) Height of triangle is called altitude of triangle (…................)
  • 4) Plane table is intended for the accurate work (....................)


In this lesson, you have learnt, map and its uses . Conducting survey and drawing the maps using the plane table survey. We also learnt how to compute area of the field using the plane table.

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Rural Technology