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Electric Shock

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Rural Technology

Electric shock is sudden or unexpected and stimulates the body’s nervous system. When a current passes through the body, the effect is involuntary muscular contraction. If it is of low intensity, the victim is easily release, if it is high the victim can’t release himself from the supply. If the chest becomes the path of the current the muscles which control breathing will paralyzed. The victim may still be in contact with the power supply, and may be in an unconscious state. If someone else touches the victim in order to save him, that person will also get a shock.Severity of Shock
The severity of shock depends on:

  • a) contact area of the body with the supply wire or appliance.
  • b) Electric pressure with the supply wire or appliance.
  • c) path of current through the body.
  • d) Whether it is AC or DC.
  • e) wet condition.
  • f) Mental stress at the time of accident.
  • g) AC is more dangerous than DC.

Reasons of Shock

  • a) Touching a bare live conductor.
  • b) Touching a poorly insulated conductor.
  • c) Open or short circuit due to equipment failure.
  • d) Static electricity.
  • e) Use of non-standard material.
  • f) Not following the Safety Rules
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Rural Technology