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Functions of a Home

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Rural Technology

In general terms, the words ‘Home’ and ‘House’ are used interchangeable. But there is a difference. Home is a very important place for all of us. It will, therefore, not very difficult to list the functions of a home. These are:

1. Protective -

Home gives us protection from outside heat and cold, sun, wind, rain, etc. It also gives protection to small children and old people who need special care.

2. Economic -

your home facilitates income generating activities like pickle or papad making or any other similar activity. Families also save money by staying together and sharing everything available. The money thus saved can be more effectively utilized elsewhere.

3. Religious -

A home provides a place for a number of religious activities. You celebrate various festivals while staying in a home.

4. Educative -

A home is the centre of family life. A Child’s basic education starts from the home, which helps in the development of personality.

5. Social -

A home facilitates meeting with other people and promotes social interaction,

6. Affectional -

Home is a place where all family members stay together with love and affection.

7. Status-giving -

You enjoy a particular status in the society if you are staying in a home.


Match the functions of a home in columns A with the activities given in Column B. (More than one answer may match): A B a) Economics function i) protection from rain b) Educative ii) envelop making c) Protective iii) celebrating Id d) Religious iv) inculcation of values in children e) Social v) settling a marriage vi) care of grand parents vii) friends preparing for an examination, at home.

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Rural Technology