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Set text color by using <span style="color:#FF0000"> This text will be red </span>

Set background color by using <span style="background:#00C000"> This text will be on a green background </span>

Set both by using <span style="color:#FF0000; background:#00C000"> This text will be red and on a green background </span>

Wikipedia help page for article editing and creating
HTML name Hexadecimal code
R   G   B
Red colors
IndianRed CD 5C 5C
LightCoral F0 80 80
Salmon FA 80 72
DarkSalmon E9 96 7A
LightSalmon FF A0 7A
Crimson DC 14 3C
Red FF 00 00
FireBrick B2 22 22
DarkRed 8B 00 00
Pink colors
Pink FF C0 CB
LightPink FF B6 C1
HotPink FF 69 B4
DeepPink FF 14 93
MediumVioletRed C7 15 85
PaleVioletRed DB 70 93
Orange colors
LightSalmon FF A0 7A
Coral FF 7F 50
Tomato FF 63 47
OrangeRed FF 45 00
DarkOrange FF 8C 00
Orange FF A5 00
Yellow colors
Gold FF D7 00
Yellow FF FF 00
LightYellow FF FF E0
LemonChiffon FF FA CD
LightGoldenrodYellow FA FA D2
PapayaWhip FF EF D5
Moccasin FF E4 B5
PeachPuff FF DA B9
PaleGoldenrod EE E8 AA
Khaki F0 E6 8C
DarkKhaki BD B7 6B
Purple colors
Lavender E6 E6 FA
Thistle D8 BF D8
Plum DD A0 DD
Violet EE 82 EE
Orchid DA 70 D6
Fuchsia FF 00 FF
Magenta FF 00 FF
MediumOrchid BA 55 D3
MediumPurple 93 70 DB
BlueViolet 8A 2B E2
DarkViolet 94 00 D3
DarkOrchid 99 32 CC
DarkMagenta 8B 00 8B
Purple 80 00 80
Indigo 4B 00 82
SlateBlue 6A 5A CD
DarkSlateBlue 48 3D 8B
HTML name Hex code
R   G   B
Green colors
GreenYellow AD FF 2F
Chartreuse 7F FF 00
LawnGreen 7C FC 00
Lime 00 FF 00
LimeGreen 32 CD 32
PaleGreen 98 FB 98
LightGreen 90 EE 90
MediumSpringGreen 00 FA 9A
SpringGreen 00 FF 7F
MediumSeaGreen 3C B3 71
SeaGreen 2E 8B 57
ForestGreen 22 8B 22
Green 00 80 00
DarkGreen 00 64 00
YellowGreen 9A CD 32
OliveDrab 6B 8E 23
Olive 80 80 00
DarkOliveGreen 55 6B 2F
MediumAquamarine 66 CD AA
DarkSeaGreen 8F BC 8F
LightSeaGreen 20 B2 AA
DarkCyan 00 8B 8B
Teal 00 80 80
Blue colors
Aqua 00 FF FF
Cyan 00 FF FF
LightCyan E0 FF FF
PaleTurquoise AF EE EE
Aquamarine 7F FF D4
Turquoise 40 E0 D0
MediumTurquoise 48 D1 CC
DarkTurquoise 00 CE D1
CadetBlue 5F 9E A0
SteelBlue 46 82 B4
LightSteelBlue B0 C4 DE
PowderBlue B0 E0 E6
LightBlue AD D8 E6
SkyBlue 87 CE EB
LightSkyBlue 87 CE FA
DeepSkyBlue 00 BF FF
DodgerBlue 1E 90 FF
CornflowerBlue 64 95 ED
MediumSlateBlue 7B 68 EE
RoyalBlue 41 69 E1
Blue 00 00 FF
MediumBlue 00 00 CD
DarkBlue 00 00 8B
Navy 00 00 80
MidnightBlue 19 19 70
HTML name Hex code
R   G   B
Brown colors
Cornsilk FF F8 DC
BlanchedAlmond FF EB CD
Bisque FF E4 C4
NavajoWhite FF DE AD
Wheat F5 DE B3
BurlyWood DE B8 87
Tan D2 B4 8C
RosyBrown BC 8F 8F
SandyBrown F4 A4 60
Goldenrod DA A5 20
DarkGoldenrod B8 86 0B
Peru CD 85 3F
Chocolate D2 69 1E
SaddleBrown 8B 45 13
Sienna A0 52 2D
Brown A5 2A 2A
Maroon 80 00 00
White colors
White FF FF FF
Honeydew F0 FF F0
MintCream F5 FF FA
Azure F0 FF FF
AliceBlue F0 F8 FF
GhostWhite F8 F8 FF
WhiteSmoke F5 F5 F5
Seashell FF F5 EE
Beige F5 F5 DC
OldLace FD F5 E6
FloralWhite FF FA F0
Ivory FF FF F0
AntiqueWhite FA EB D7
Linen FA F0 E6
LavenderBlush FF F0 F5
MistyRose FF E4 E1
Grey colors
Gainsboro DC DC DC
LightGrey D3 D3 D3
Silver C0 C0 C0
DarkGray A9 A9 A9
Gray 80 80 80
DimGray 69 69 69
LightSlateGray 77 88 99
SlateGray 70 80 90
DarkSlateGray 2F 4F 4F
Black 00 00 00
You may copy the code and use in your edits

To change the color of the text

Use the code: <font color= name of the blue >'''''<big>anand</big>'''vinod'''''''' </font>

The output when we use color=green is shown below:

Text here

We can also use number #008000 instead of green . Then the effect will be:

<GREEN= #008000>RAM </font>

Standard HTML color named are as under

Color Hexadecimal Color Hexadecimal
black #000000 silver #c0c0c0
gray #808080 white #ffffff
maroon #800000 red #ff0000
purple #800080 fuchsia #ff00ff
green #008000 lime #00ff00
olive #808000 yellow #ffff00
navy #000080 blue #0000ff
teal #008080 aqua #00ffff


Use code: <span style="background:color"> TEXT HERE </span>

The effect will be:


For creating a colored box with text

Use Code:

{| style="background:color 1; color:color 2 ; border: solid color 3" |- | Text here |}

If we use colors as Pink, Red and Solid Violet then the effect will be:


To change the font size of the text

Use the following code:

<font size="5">Text here </font>

Text here

To change the type of the font

Use the following code:
<font size="4" face="Georgia" color="maroon">Customize your font to achieve a desired look.</font>

Customize your font to achieve a desired look.

Basic Wiki Syntax

Description You type You get
Applies anywhere
Italicise text



Bold text



Bold and italic

'''''bold & italic'''''

bold & italic

Internal link

(within NIOS WIKI)

[[Rural-Technology|Rural-Technology Page]]

Rural-Technology Page


#redirect [[PAGE ]

1. redirect ICT-Application

External link

(to other websites)

[ website ]


Escape wiki markup

with ''markup''
<nowiki>without ''markup''</nowiki>

with markup
without ''markup''

Thumbnail image

[[Image:Computersystem.jpeg|thumb|Caption text]]

Computer System
Applies only at the beginning of the line

of different sizes

=Level 1=

==Level 2==

===Level 3===

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Bullet list

** two point one

    • two point one
Numbered list

## two point one

    1. two point one
Definition list

:item 1
:item 2

item 1
item 2

Colorful layouts:

first lay out

Main Title

Left side text Content goes here

Second lay out

This is Web Page Main title

     Main Menu

Left You may get help to edit the wiki pages from this site WikiEducator

You may get additional help from this sit on : Help:Editing