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List of operators used in JavaScript

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An operator is used to transform one or more values into a single resultant value. In JavaScript, operators are used in expressions to store or return a value.

JavaScript operators are classified as:

* Arithmetic

* Logical

* Comparison

* String

An operator operates on operand or operands. The combination of one or more operators is referred to as an expression.

For example: netPayment=netPrice+salesTax

In this example “+” operator operates on operand netPrice and salesTax and its result assigned to variable net Payment.

The following table shows the list of operators used in JavaScript:

JavaScript Operators


An expression is a part of statement that is evaluated as value.An expression can be any combination of variables, operators and other expressions. In JavaScript there are four types of expressions:

  • Assignment expression
  • Arithmetic expression
  • String expression
  • Logical expression
  • Assignment expression

This expression is used to assign a value to a variable.Example: avgMarks=55, the value 55 has been assigned to the variable avgMarks using assignment operator (=)

Arithmetic Expressions

Expressions in which arithmetic operations are performed are called arithmetic expression.Example: netPrice=1200+12

String Expression

Expressions in which operations are performed on string are called string expression.Example: mesg= "Hello," + "Mr. Rakesh", Here "+" string operator concatenate two strings "Hello, " and "Mr. Rakesh" results "Hello,Mr. Rakesh" that is assigned to variable mesg.

Logical Expression

These expressions evaluate to a Boolean (true or false) value.Example: 10<19, since 10<19, this expression evaluates to the Boolean value of true.

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