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NIOS Silver Jubilee Year

OER Workshop at Pune on dated June 4-5, 2012

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A two days workshop was organised by NIOS on copyright issues and e-platform at IBM Centre of Excellence, MIT, Pune during 4 and 5th June 2012. The workshop was conducted by Dr.Savithri Singh, Principal, AND college , Delhi.

Dr.Savithri Singh's Presentation

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Sr.No Name of the Participants Organisation Mobile No. e-mail id
1 Dr.Savithri Singh
2 Prof.M.N.Deshmukh
3 Ms.Koushalya Barik
4 Ms.Radkhika Gupte
5 Ms.Anupama Deshmukh
6 Ms.Aparna Deshpande
7 Dr.Nisha Singh IGNOU 9891471277
8 Mr.Purnedu Hota
9 Ms.Sonu Gupta
10 Ms.Sunetra Roday
11 Mr.Avinash Kulkarni
12 Mr.Kale Ankush Kisan
13 Mr.Vinod K Bomble
14 Mr.Pingale Sudam
15 Ms.Radkhika Ghate
16 Mr.Mulani M.D.
17 Mr.Gosavi A.R
18 Mrs.Pallavi Ranjeet Shabhag
19 Mr. Mahesh Gaikwad
20 Ms. Pooja Chikane
21 Mr.N.D.Deshmukh
22 --Mr.Pramod Kumar T.K. 11:00, 8 June 2012 (IST) NIOS 9326101298
23 Mr.Ranjeet Jagdish Shanbhag
24 Ms.R.A Deshmukh
25 Ms.Meenal Desai
26 Ms.Aparna Chiplunkar