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NIOS Silver Jubilee Year

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Dr.Rajeev Prasad

Academic Officer(Chemistry)

National Institute of Open Schooling(NIOS) MHRD, Govt. of India


In recent years, educational programme delivery has undergone radical changes largely due to the benevolent effects of developments in ICT. The onset of Internet during the 1990s has brought in unprecedented changes in educational technology, particularly: i) on-line educational programmes where a student is enrolled for an educational programme delivered on-line (the advantages being almost negligent reproduction cost of programme delivery), and ii) Open Educational Resources (OER) where huge amount of educational material can be made available to learners free of cost. The proposed project will cater to the second aspect so that open courseware available through the Internet can supplement printed books. OER has the advantage of making learning enjoyable, opens up possibility of accessibility to quality education at global level free of cost and subject to continuous up-gradation of contents by knowledge society. Because of its accessibility by all, it will benefit students not only of NIOS but also from remote areas and marginalised sections of society who do not have adequate access to quality educational resources. The NIOS has recently taken up development of OER in three areas of vocational education, viz., Computer and IT, Tourism and Hospitality Management, and Rural Technology. Thus it has acquired competency in development of OER. Keeping in view the need for development of OER in science disciplines, NIOS proposes to initiate the second phase of OER Project in four subject areas in science, viz., Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. The emphasis will be on creation of OERs at senior secondary level, and question banks in the above disciplines. Students can learn the subjects, and availability of question banks will assist them in their preparation for competitive examinations. This will help in reducing the gaps among students from various social strata. Science education across schools in India is beset with sharp heterogeneity, usually resulting in lack of quality teachers in less developed states in general and rural areas in particular. Availability of quality coaching on payment of high fees in major cities further accentuates this inequality and may be viewed as a discrimination against the poor and marginalised largely due to geographical and socio-economic reasons. Creation of OERs can help in extending the positive externalities of good teachers and quality study material to students in far flung remote areas in general and marginalised segments of society in particular.

Senior Secondary Stage is the most crucial stage of school education because at this stage specialised discipline based, content oriented courses are introduced. Students reach this stage after 10 years of general education and opt for Chemistry with a purpose of mostly for pursuing their career in basic sciences or professional courses like medicines, engineering, technology and studying courses in applied areas of science and technology at tertiary level. Therefore, at this stage, there is a need to provide learners with sufficient conceptual background of question pattern of AIEEE/Medical Entrance Examination, which will make them competent to qualify these competitive examinations . In recent years, Chemistry as a subject at Senior Secondary level is considered as an important subject for qualifying competitive examinations like AIEEE/Medical Entrance Examination.

Chemistry at Senior Secondary level enables the learners to aware and understands the important scientific concepts which will strengthen them to continue further higher studies. It helps them to select vocational courses in the field of Petrochemical/Pharmaceutical industries and Scientific research. It motivates the learners to effectively participate in and contribute to the process of nation building and development.

Keeping in view of the above fact, we have developed Open Educational Resources for learners Preparing for Engineering and Medical Entrance Examinations in India.

In the competitive examinations like IIT and Medical Entrance Examination Chemistry as a subject play a very vital role in the selection of candidates. In the recent year question pattern and standard for AIEEE/Medical Entrance Examination has changed.

So, it is very important to aware our learners with the current pattern of these competitive examinations and provide theme sufficient number of question through a question bank that will be developed under this project.

Question Bank for the Leaners appearning in AIEEE/IIT/PMT Entrance Examination 

Physical Chemistry 

Inorganic Chemistry 

Organic Chemistry