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NIOS Silver Jubilee Year

Oil Seed Crops

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Rural Technology

Importance of oilseeds crop in Indian farming:- • They can be grown on all kinds of soil. • Important constituent of the crop rotation with millets and pulses. • Valuable cash crops and bring ready cash to the farmers. • They are a source of foreign exchange.

  • They provide raw material for many industries e.g. paints, varnishes,
  • soaps, lubricating oils etc.
  • They contribute vegetable oils and fats to Indian diet.
  • The edible oil cakes provide concentrates for the cattle.
  • The non-edible oil cakes are used as manures and some oil cakes like

castor cake control termites due to their vermicide properties.

Intext Questions 3.4 1) Match the followings:- A B 1) Groundnut i) Local varieties 2) Sunflower ii) N - 630 3) Safflower iii) SB – 11 4) Mustard iv) EC 68414

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Rural Technology