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Printing and Saving

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Printing and Saving This section describes how to print different versions of your Impress presentation. Preview your presentation before printing to insure that the design, layout, and notes are as you like them. To print the actual-size Impress presentation: Go to File->Print. To print notes, handouts, or outlines: Go to File->Print. Click on the Options button in the bottom left side of the window. The Printer Options window will open. Under the Content section, click on the desired format that you would like to print. Click Ok and then Ok again.

Creating a PDF file To print your presentation to a PDF file: Go to File->Print. Click on the drop-down menu besides Name and change the printer to Adobe PDF. Click OK. You will be prompted to enter a location to save your PDF file. Choose the location and click Save. NOTE-You can also export your presentation as a PDF file. See the Export section below.