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NIOS Silver Jubilee Year

Safety Precautions

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Rural Technology

Life is precious. While working with machines always follow following safety rules. Those who are not following safety rules are putting their own and others life at risk.

  1. Workshop place has to be clean. There has to be free space around the machine. All rotating parts of machines must be covered or not accessible.
  2. Please check electric connections and safety related to electric devices.
  3. Workshop floor has to be dry and free from oil, water and grease.
  4. Machine switch has to be near the machine table and free from any obstacle.
  5. Check wiring and earthling for all machines
  6. Never do welding without welding screen or goggles.
  7. Use safety goggles while grinding, drilling.
  8. While doing construction, always use hand gloves and helmet.
  9. Keep all the tools in its position.
  10. Keep the aisle free to run towards exit in case of emergency.
  11. Be careful while working with sharp objects.
  12. Whenever power goes off, please put all the switches in ‘OFF’ position.
  13. Please put the tools and safety gadgets in the designated place.
  14. Do not disturb person working in the workshop.
  15. Keep first aid box in the workshop.
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Rural Technology