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NIOS Silver Jubilee Year


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Rural Technology

Symbols use in wiring are given below. Items and Symbols

Switches & switch Outlets

a) Single Pole b) Two Pole (Double pole switch) c) Three Pole (Triple pole switch) Single Pole Pull Switch Multiposition Switch Two Way Switch Intermediate Switch Pendent Switch Push Button or Bell Push

Socket Outlet:

Socket Outlet, 6A Socket Outlet, 16A Combined Switch & Socket Outlet, 6A Combined Switch & Socket Outlet, 16A Interlocking Switch & Socket Outlet, 6A Interlocking Switch & Socket Outlet, 16A


1. Lamp or Outlet for lamp 2. Group of Three 40W lamps 3. Lamp, mounted on a wall or light bracket Lamp, mounted on ceiling 4. Bulk-head lamp 5. Watertight light fitting 6. Batten lamp holder (mounted on the wall) 7. Floodlight 8. Fluorescent lamp

Electrical Appliances

1. General, if necessary use designation to specify 2. Heater

Bells, Buzzers & Sirens

1. Bell 2. Buzzer 3. Siren 4. Horn or Hooter 5. Indicator (at ‘N’ insert number of ways)


1. Ceiling Fan 2. Bracket Fan 3. Exhaust Fan 4. Fan Regulator


1. Earth Point 2. Fuse

What you have learnt

In this lesson we learnt the graphical symbols of electrical field. Now we can prepare any drawing or diagram for the wiring purpose. These symbols are standardized by Bureau of Indian Standard (B.I.S.).

Terminal Questions

Answer the following questions and draw the Figures also. 1. Which symbols are used in electrical technology? 2. Draw the symbols according to IS for following -
a) Single pole push switch
b) Bell push
c) Plug socket
d) Lamp
e) Fluorescent lamp
f) Heater
g) Fan regulator 3. State the names of symbols:




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Rural Technology