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NIOS Silver Jubilee Year


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Symbols use in wiring are given below. Items Symbols Switches & switch Outlets

  1. a) Single Pole
      b)	Two Pole (Double pole switch)
      c)	Three Pole (Triple pole switch)
  1. Single Pole Pull Switch
  2. Multiposition Switch
  3. Two Way Switch
  4. Intermediate Switch
  5. Pendent Switch
  6. Push Button or Bell Push

Socket Outlet:

  1. Socket Outlet, 6A
  2. Socket Outlet, 16A
  3. Combined Switch & Socket Outlet, 6A
  4. Combined Switch & Socket Outlet, 16A
  5. Interlocking Switch & Socket Outlet, 6A
  6. Interlocking Switch & Socket Outlet, 16A


  1. a) Lamp or Outlet for lamp
 b)	Group of Three 40W lamps
  1. Lamp, mounted on a wall or light bracket
  2. Lamp, mounted on ceiling