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Types & forms of tourism

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Tourism and Hospitality Management


Types of Tourism
Forms of Tourism


Tourism is the movement of the tourists from one place to another place. It is the temporary short-term movement of people to destinations outside the place where they normally live &work includes the activities they indulge in at the destination as well as all facilities and services specially created to meet their needs. Tourism does not only mean traveling to a particular destination but also includes all activities undertaken during the stay. It includes day visits & excursions. The movement can be in your country or the tourists can also travel to the foreign destinations for the tourism purpose.

On this basis tourism can be divided into

  1. Domestic Tourism
  2. International Tourism


After going through this lesson, you will be able to :

  • explain the types of tourism
  • distinguish between domestic and international tourism
  • explain the types of international tourism


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Tourism and Hospitality Management