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Types of Guest Requests

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Tourism and Hospitality Management

Mindmap.pngConcept Map

Types of guest request concept map.png


This OER enables you to:

  • Identify the various types of requests
  • Distinguish between the types


Mr. Mahesh who has been staying at the hotel wants to take his wife for a movie for their anniversary. This is his first visit to the city and he is unaware of which movies are being shown in the city. Who should he ask for assistance? Most of the times the guests contact the Front Office or the other departments of the hotel like the House keeping department, or the Food and Beverage department for any assistance that they would require during their stay. All Guest requests then get forwarded to the concerned department who do the needful. In the above scenario a quick call to the Concierge desk of the Front Office will enable Mr. Mahesh to book his tickets.

Types of Guest requests and queries:

Guest requests that are received at the Front desk can be broadly categorized as follows:

 Requests for other departments
 Requests for Front Office


Requests for other Departments:

On receiving such requests the front desk makes a note of the same and forwards the request to the concerned department.

 Requests for additional amenities or replenishment of amenities like bath linen, soap, shampoo, shaving kits etc are forwarded to the house keeping department along with the guest name and room number.
 Requests that are pertaining to the restaurants and the room service are directed to the Food and Beverage department along with the guest details for them to be able to do the needful.
 Any guest who requires assistance in organizing a function would be directed to the Banquet department or the Convention department.


1. Ms Riya has checked into the hotel in the morning. In the evening after returning from a city tour she wants to have dinner in the Indian Restaurant. She calls the Front desk for the same. At the Front Office what should be your course of action?
Request her to dial the extension for the restaurant.
Forward her call to the restaurant.
Refuse to help and disconnect the call.

Score =

2.Match the following:
Dinner Table for 4


Meeting Room

Banquet Department

Chinese Restaurant

House Keeping

Requests for Front Office :

All requests whether received directly at the front desk or transferred from other departments are classified as follows and depending on the type of request the Front Desk would respond to the guest. Requests from other departments.png


The requests from guests may be to front office or other departments.Front desk transfers the requests depending on the type of request

Inkpot.png Assignments

  • Visit two different category hotels and see how the front desk handles a particular request from you .Compare the effectiveness.
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Tourism and Hospitality Management